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Developing Federal Leaders for the 21st Century




21st Century Leadership

Developing Government Leaders for the 21st Century
You are being challenged as never before. Government leaders and managers are finding themselves increasingly pushed into uncharted territory, requiring them to redefine their actions and thinking in order to succeed.

Attributes for Government Leaders Identified
In 2010, AchieveGlobal completed a landmark research study to understand what makes 21st century leaders successful. The results of our global research centered around a new leadership model - one that defines 42 practices or behaviors and thought processes. These practices were further sorted into 6 zones in which leaders must show strength in order to excel.

Effective Leadership in Government Demands New Attitudes and New Abilities
AchieveGlobal’s new model requires leaders to move smoothly among the 6 zones as conditions demand, leveraging strengths from each zone to address deficiencies in order to ultimately help government leaders succeed.

Only AchieveGlobal’s training programs, designed around our research findings and delivered by our professional trainers, enable you to adopt new attitudes and develop new abilities necessary to excel in the 21st century.