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Learn more about government-specific research and insights by accessing the articles below.

Building an Action Plan From the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey: Steps to Success

AchieveGlobal proposes a five-step process that every agency can take to make improvements in workplace environments and productivity, and, at the same time, launch solutions that support long-term culture change initiatives. This paper further explains AchieveGlobal's point of view around attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent in the Federal Government sector.

Developing Federal Leaders for the 21st Century

To succeed in the shifting landscape of the 21st century, U.S. federal leaders must rethink their historical roles and cultivate a new configuration of attitudes and abilities.

Stepping Up to Supervision - Always a Big Adjustment, Now a Major Challenge

The step up from employee to supervisor has always been a big one. Taking on more assignments, getting work done through others, shifting from being a buddy to a boss - any one of these transitions is a handful.

Critical Crossroads: Developing Leaders in the Public Sector

Today, constant and fast-paced change has become necessary for survival. While American business has been managing amidst a complex and ever-changing maze of challenges in the "next economy," so too is the United States government and military.

Building Leadership Bench Strength: Current Trends In Succession Planning And Management

Public sector agencies are at risk. By not addressing the steady decline in current available talent or the imminent mass exodus of institutional knowledge in the form of retirements, government agencies are ill-prepared to achieve their missions, goals, and objectives.