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Retail Customer Experiences

Customer Experience as the Final Retail Frontier

Owning the Retail Customer Experience: Increasing Revenue Through Customer Perception 
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Raise Your Revenues by Owning Your Customer Experience
In today's tough environment, retailers need to take a long hard look at their strategies for customer engagement. Consumers have more choices and higher expectations than ever. They can't be won over with superficial process and design changes. Today's most successful retailers are developing strategies to own the customer experience.

To own the customer experience is to focus your entire team on ensuring your customer's perception of a shopping experience is greater than their expectations. A carefully branded customer experience increases your sales opportunities, drives customer loyalty to your store, and maximizes your revenue.

AchieveGlobal can help you realize the critical components to owning your customer experience. Access our in-depth Research or read Case Studies related to client successes.

Retailers around the globe rely on us to develop the leadership, sales and service skills that build lasting customer relationships, including:









AchieveGlobal Specializes in Retail Training and Performance Improvement
With more than 50 years of research and experience in partnering with consumer-facing companies, AchieveGlobal understands the unique challenges and key business issues affecting retailers today - among them:

  • increasing conversion rates
  • upselling
  • improving employee engagement
  • reducing turnover
  • preparing associates for leadership roles
  • differentiating from competitors

Whether your goal is to transform your organizational culture, or simply to hone specific skills, we can deliver custom retail training solutions for leadership development, sales effectiveness and customer service.

Make Your Customer Experience Strategy a Reality
Ensuring that your customers' experiences drive sales and reflect your brand promise doesn't happen overnight. Your success will come from inspiring and preparing employees throughout your organization - from the C-suite to the frontline.

In truth, your store associates and managers are the real gatekeepers of your brand. They bring your customer experience strategy to life. The skills and attitudes they exhibit can erode your brand - or strengthen and sustain it.

Are Your Customers Loyal... or Indifferent?
Your customers will be loyal or indifferent depending on how they feel - their emotional connection to your brand and people. A strong focus on the role human interaction plays is critical to owning the customer experience and achieving success in the retail space. AchieveGlobal has the knowledge and expertise to work with you to design and implement an effective customer experience strategy.

Exceeding Customer Expectations Leads to Big Wins in Retail
Research reveals that a retailer's competitive advantage lies in the customer experience they deliver. When store managers and associates exceed customer expectations, revenue grows. That's why big box, specialty and grocery stores worldwide have partnered with AchieveGlobal for their retail training needs.