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Thumbnail of Developing the 21st Century Leader research report. A great overview of leadership team development concepts.

Developing the 21st-Century Leader


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Developing Leaders

Are Employees Uninspired, Uncommitted and Disengaged?
In a quickly changing world, sometimes for the worse, it’s an unsurprising scene: Employees who ask no thoughtful questions, offer no constructive ideas, know nothing of strategy, resist needed change, complain, and count the hours till 5:00.

If this in any way describes your workforce, your natural next thought might be, “We’ve got an employee problem.”

And you might be totally wrong.

Performance issues like these are more likely a leadership problem, specifically a lack of the leadership qualities necessary to engage and motivate employees. 

Competent Leaders Inspire Performance
It’s no secret, really: The key to motivating employees is developing your leaders. Competent leaders leverage their existing skills and hone needed new ones by:

  • Recognizing their own strengths and liabilities
  • Mastering the skills and concepts to address new realities
  • Developing and leveraging the strengths of employees
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities that inspire performance 

Competent leaders engage employees by helping them connect with colleagues, demonstrate new competencies, and earn the right to make creative contributions to a shared enterprise.

50 Years of Developing Leaders Worldwide
AchieveGlobal has advised organizations of all sizes, all over the world, on leadership team development issues. We understand the challenges your leaders face and the skills and attitudes they need to inspire your workforce. Contact us today to learn more about developing your leadership team.