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Managing the Customer Experience

Sales Slipping? Repeat Business Not Repeating?
Sales are suffering. Referrals are dropping. And people talk about your company – but not in a good way. If any of this sounds familiar – and you’ve got a great product at a fair price – you may need to focus on improving customer satisfaction.

Employees Inspire Customer Loyalty
The research is in. Lots of it: companies that meet real customer needs – both business and human needs – continue to thrive in a listless market. The fact is, most customers don’t buy from a company. They buy from the people in that company. Beyond brand image and advertising, the customer’s experience with human beings – at the counter, on the phone – truly drives customer loyalty.

Improving Customer Satisfaction at Every Point of Contact
Owning the customer experience involves every point of human contact, every defining moment – whether positive, neutral, or negative – with your employees. Mapping and analyzing these moments can help you dazzle every customer to promote long-term loyalty.

Great Customer Service Can Be Taught
Focused customer-service training is a proven tool for improving customer satisfaction. The right training and skill application support can help your employees:

  • Ensure retention
  • Build your reputation
  • Encourage referrals
  • Drive revenue 

If you’re serious about improving customer satisfaction, contact AchieveGlobal. For over 50 years, we’ve helped our clients create experiences that ramp up revenue through long-term customer loyalty.