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AchieveGlobal Account Planner

Sales efforts fail when salespeople lack the skills and tools necessary to proactively manage accounts and provide solutions that will meet their customers’ needs. However, by consistently following a tried and tested model for account management, salespeople can achieve greater results and improve win rates.

AchieveGlobal’s Winning Account Strategies™ solution provides salespeople with the skills they need for developing critical strategies and tactics to acquire and retain new accounts, and to generate higher revenues. The on-the-job tool that reinforces the use of these skills is the Account Planner, an application that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM. Click the image below to see a video demo of the Account Planner.

 The Account Planner:

  • Integrates with salesforce
  • Includes key models from Winning Account Strategies™
  • Includes a cloning feature for quick and easy replication of account planning information
  • Uses data from CRM tool to avoid duplication of data entry
  • Enables creation of tasks to help salespeople plan for, and be reminded of, upcoming milestones
  • Allows salespeople to create a PDF version of the Account Planner that can be shared with non-users of salesforce
  • Contains detailed tips to guide salespeople through planning activities
  • Enables salespeople to update account planning information over time
  • Links to opportunities, accounts and contacts