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How to Achieve Blended Workflow Learning: Smart Strategies and Tested Techniques



Blended Learning

Individualized and Flexible Training for Your Employees
Blended learning integrates two or more learning modalities. Our research and experience indicates that a blended solution - a well-conceived mix of eLearning, classroom and other training methods - is more accessible and more individualized than classroom training alone. 

Blended Learning Offers a Choice of Training Tools
Blended learning provides a connected series of events that may blend better into an employee’s workflow or lifestyle. Clients are given the opportunity to choose from a mix of low- and high-tech tools that can include:

  • Having a structured telephone call with a manager
  • Taking an online self-assessment and tracking results
  • Attending classroom training
  • Viewing a podcast
  • Participating in a wiki 

Blended Learning Pays Off
With a finely-tuned mix of media and methods, each aligned to a desired outcome, AchieveGlobal designs blended learning solutions that realize a payoff in sustained behavior change.